Learn languages while making friends worldwide

Hundreds of native teachers for many languages

Hundreds of native speaking teachers for English, Chinese, Germany, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.

Thousnds of courses meeting all kinds of needs

Talkeer provides a great number of courses which meet various needs and scenarios, including examinations, travelling, study abroad, professions, hobbies, etc

Find partners, and learn languages together

Seach for users, by criteria including "where from", "Native language", "Learn languages", "Tutoring languages", "Location", etc

Practice languages, Anytime, Anywhere, via Talkeer Instant Messaging tools

Talk to Talkeer users anytime and anywhere, via Talkeer IM system, by 1 on 1 chat and group chat. Video and Voice instant chats are available.

Various study tools available to help Talkeer users to share language skills to each other

Various study tools include "Questions and Answers", "Translation needed", "Writing for correction", "Learn Pronunciation", etc, which help Talkeer users to learn and tutor language skills.

Share fun things anytime and anywhere to socialize

Share your fun things with Talkeer friends worldwide. Making friends is always great! And sharing is always the base of friendship.

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